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15/5000 Policies to accelerate the integration of auto parts industry
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Recently, with the reduction of tariffs on imported vehicles and parts, many multinational automobile companies have cut the prices of imported cars, which has caused wide public concern. More importantly, the impact of lower tariffs on parts may be broader than on vehicles. For a long time, components have been a shortcoming of China's automobile industry, and the after-market of automobiles has been in a small, scattered and chaotic situation for a long time. However, the industry is expected to exceed 4 trillion yuan in size in the future, and industrial integration will accelerate, with the booming development of China's auto industry and the boost of policies.
New opportunities for the parts industry
As the foundation of the development of automobile industry, the parts industry has become a solid support to help China's independent automobile industry to become bigger, stronger and better. Over the past 60 years, the auto parts industry in China has been growing continuously, and the joint ventures and cooperation promoted by the reform and opening up drive, as well as the market dividends brought by the explosive growth of domestic production and sales, have achieved exciting leapfrog development.
It is learned that at present, there are over 100,000 domestic parts and components enterprises. In the fierce market competition, a number of well-developed and powerful enterprises have emerged, and remarkable achievements have been made in the innovation of core technologies, breakthrough of supporting market, industrial strategy pattern and internal reform of enterprises. While the policy innovation of the automobile industry continues to advance and the overall industry development begins to transform and upgrade, the auto parts industry and the auto aftermarket also usher in new development opportunities.
Su hui, executive vice President of the tangible market branch of the China association of automobile circulation, said that relative to the drop in the import tariff on finished cars, the reduction in the tax rate of auto parts is actually more important. Because the reduction of parts tax rate is classification, the impact on the price of imported car parts is relatively large. The cost of late-stage maintenance of domestic high-end models is always high, and the high price of parts is an important reason. This tax cut will have a significant impact on the price of maintenance services for high-end imported cars, and also change the overall development of the domestic automobile aftermarket.
It is understood that in recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic car ownership, China's auto aftermarket has entered a rapid development period. It is estimated that in the next two years, the total output value will exceed 4 trillion yuan, with over 13,000 parts and components enterprises, and the products basically cover nearly 1,500 parts of the automotive industry chain.
In the face of such huge market potential, many multinational auto parts and service companies have been expanding their business in China, and many Internet companies have begun to enter the auto aftermarket.
Nearly 600 enterprises from Germany, France, Korea, America, Japan and Spain attended the 5th chengdu international automobile parts and after-sales service exhibition. With the continuous development of the auto industry and the policy boost, the domestic post-market development potential is huge, said zhou shiling, deputy general manager of Frankfurt exhibition Shanghai co., one of the exhibition organizers. As the most important auto parts show in southwest China, the number of domestic and foreign auto parts and service enterprises attending the auto parts show in chengdu is increasing year by year. This year is more than 12% higher than last year, indicating that the enterprises are very optimistic about the development prospect of China's auto aftermarket.
We have entered a new stage of high-quality development
With the continuous expansion of the market scale, the auto parts and aftermarket have also begun to transform and upgrade, entering the stage of high-quality development.
Yu kai, chairman of the China automotive technology research center, said China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development. As a major country in automobile production and marketing, China's automobile industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development, and it is of great importance to build a new type of zero cooperation. The development potential of the auto parts industry and the post-market is huge.
Liu shangxi, President of the Chinese academy of fiscal sciences, said that the reduction of automobile import tariffs, from a global perspective, has a positive effect on global economic recovery, promoting global economic growth and global employment, especially for the exporters of automobiles. By lowering the tariff, the competition is further intensified. The transformation and upgrading pace of Chinese automobile manufacturers, including domestic national brands, will be greatly accelerated, and the supply-side structural reform of the automobile industry will also be promoted. To common people, can enrich domestic market to offer not only, still can bring more abundant, more practical consumption experience to consumer.
Industry experts said that the future of the automotive industry important trends for the development of the automotive industry provides a rare opportunity and expansion of advantages, short - board ways. Face parts modular integration, electric change, change and intelligent manufacturing technology, national, local and enterprise, should through the clear overall development goal, the whole industry chain, the effective integration of resources, looking for different development path, and incomplete industrial support resource and to guide support system, actively implement the transformation of the domestic parts industry development and independent parts industry to do better and stronger.
As for the future development of auto parts and the post-market, experts said that on the one hand, the government should formulate strategies, create a good development environment and strengthen support for key enterprises. On the other hand, manufacturing and service enterprises should also find the right orientation, attach importance to innovation, integrate advantages in all aspects of resources, and effectively promote the steady development of China's auto parts industry.
After the vehicle market integration accelerated
In the process of transforming and upgrading the auto parts industry and the auto aftermarket and promoting high-quality development, the integration of the whole industry is also accelerating.
Chen min, CEO of tuhu yangche, one of China's largest Internet auto service companies, said that there have been problems in China's auto aftermarket, such as scattered, small and chaotic, as well as low overall intelligence of the industry, serious imbalance in service capacity, information asymmetry and uneven product quality. In order to meet the market demand, the speed of industrial integration will be accelerated in the future.
In recent years, China has issued frequent policies to regulate the development of the automotive aftermarket. The future policy direction is also to use the market mechanism to promote the integration and upgrading of the automotive aftermarket, improve the service level of enterprises in the automotive aftermarket, and adapt to the increasingly diversified demands of consumers. With the continuous release of policies such as import duty on automobiles and joint venture share ratio liberalization, the automobile market has been increasingly open, which will further accelerate the integration speed of the post-automobile market and make the post-automobile market develop towards a more standard and transparent direction.
This consolidation is already under way. Recently, including love, Bosch, fai, shell, kang new door, kumho, road tiger subsidy 28 at home and abroad well-known enterprises to launch a car after the car market after the market good faith service alliance, promote to build quality goods series, 15 minutes after-sales service standards, such as fast response and training plan in 5 years, 100000 after the high level of technical service technician to strengthen the market service quality.
At the same time, the national federation of industry and commerce, China association of automobile repair industry chain management committee, as well as many auto parts before and after market service enterprises to build parts in logistics one-stop service platform, through the brand accessories authorized direct marketing, direct, joint maintenance enterprise unified purchase order, realize logistics one-stop delivery to door.
It is understood that the one-stop service focuses on supporting the transformation and innovation of maintenance enterprises and supporting member enterprises to make use of the e-commerce open platform to purchase efficiently and safely. At the same time, support the construction of maintenance enterprise coin spray center, diagnosis and maintenance technology information sharing center and so on the specialized technical support system, improve enterprise informatization operating strength, mobile marketing ability and the level of digital performance management, and to build a knowledgeable, skilled and innovative high-quality professional talent team, promote transformation and upgrading of the article to the modern automobile service industry, and constantly improving the quality of service, after the car market in the process of the transformation and upgrading for promoting the development of the high quality innovation at a time.
Experts say the next year or two will be a critical period for the development of China's post-automotive market, with further market and policy integration. Meanwhile, the service mode will be further innovated. Based on information technology, the new online and offline complementary service mode will become the main direction of the future market.

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