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The strategic position of China's auto parts development prospect has been enhanced
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With the maturity of China's automobile market, the development potential of after-sales market has been gradually released, and the position of parts business in the future development strategy of whole-vehicle enterprises has also been enhanced, which will become one of the key areas of future market competition. At the same time, the upgrading of spare parts services will bring more new opportunities for the logistics industry.
According to the data of the in-depth market research and investment prospect forecast analysis report of China's auto parts manufacturing industry, by the end of 2017, the number of cars in China reached 217 million, ranking the first in global auto sales for eight consecutive years.
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The report points out that the complexity of parts supply chain management is higher than that of the whole vehicle supply chain. The logistics of auto parts mainly faces many kinds, long tail and high complexity. Under the premise of the continuous improvement of time requirements and cost control, the informatization capacity of logistics enterprises is of vital importance, which requires the enterprise to have a large amount of SKU stocking capacity and big data forecasting ability. However, from a global perspective, the number of automobile manufacturers that can make effective use of digital management in the field of parts management is still relatively small. Logistics and supply chain companies with digital capabilities will now play a leading role in driving the industry towards digital development, said zhang tianbing, managing partner of China consumer products and retail at deloitte.
The report further emphasizes that the healthy development of the auto aftermarket should be based on the continuous intelligent upgrading of the auto parts supply chain. In the future, the auto parts supply chain will have more room to play. Enterprises can achieve dynamic inventory management by establishing a complete supply chain and improve the fast transportation of upstream and downstream, in exchange for higher efficiency and lower cost advantages. "With the new economy booming and the market potential of auto parts supply chain huge, the existing pain points and potential challenges will become the focus of enterprise opening," zhang said.
And as emerging technologies drive a revolution in car buying and after-sales service experiences, the report argues that automakers also need to be proactive and rethink how they can connect with Internet consumers to meet their growing expectations for product and service experiences. For example, it is an effective upgrade path for future logistics development to draw a picture of consumers' attitudes, demands, behaviors and customer characteristics, find market service opportunities after analysis, and then pursue innovative development of logistics and supply chain.
It is also worth noting that as the new generation of consumers become more dependent on the Internet, people's travel mode is undergoing significant changes, and the development and popularization of Shared travel mode and new energy vehicles will have an impact on the post-automobile market. The Shared travel mode can promote the centralized and efficient post-market logistics, change the current situation of "small, scattered and disorderly" in the terminal market of auto parts logistics, and develop towards standardization and standardization. Although new energy vehicles, as an emerging industry, have changed the current competitive pattern of auto parts logistics industry to some extent, the transportation, recycling and storage of batteries have also put forward new requirements for the logistics industry.

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