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The machinery industry is running steadily and well
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China machinery industry federation (cmii) released a review of the operation of the machinery industry in the first half of the year on Thursday. The main economic indicators of the machinery industry in the first half of the year grew faster than the national industrial average, with steady growth in production and sales, better than expected orders, and improved investment.
Specifically, since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of the added value of the machinery industry has been increasing month by month, from 7% in January and February at the beginning of this year to 7.6% in the first quarter, rising to 8.4% in January and June. This is still lower than the level of the same period last year, but higher than 1.7 percentage points of national industry and 1.5 percentage points of national manufacturing in the same period.
The economic benefit of the industry has been growing steadily. From January to June, the machinery industry achieved the revenue of 11.24 trillion yuan, up 10.41% year-on-year. Total profits reached 761.5 billion yuan, up 6.73 percent year-on-year. Compared with the national industry, the growth rate of main business revenue of the machinery industry was 0.47 percentage points higher than the national industrial average in the same period, but the growth rate of profit was 10.52 percentage points lower than that of the national industry in the same period.
From the perspective of the sub-sector, the sales of products related to environmental protection and pollution control continued to rise, such as water pollution prevention and control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, noise and vibration control equipment, etc., which all exceeded 20% year on year. The growth of products related to intelligent manufacturing industry is good, such as industrial automatic regulating instruments and control systems, analytical instruments and devices, testing machines and industrial robots.
With the new changes and challenges in the external environment, the foreign trade of machinery industry keeps increasing. According to customs statistics, China's exports of mechanical and electrical products totaled $686.7 billion from January to June, up 14.9 percent year-on-year.
Chen bin, executive vice President of the China machinery industry federation, said it is gratifying that after more than two years of downturn, there has been a recovery growth in fixed asset investment in the machinery industry since 2018. Mechanical industry mainly involved during the first half of the four major categories in the national economy industry, special equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry categories of investment growth 10.3%, 8.5% and 8.5% respectively, compared with the whole society (6%) and manufacturing (6.8%), investment growth, general equipment manufacturing investment grew by 5.7% year on year.
In terms of industrial structure, structural adjustment has been promoted to a deeper level, and the endogenous driving force of development has been gradually strengthened. Taking electrical and electrical equipment industry as an example, as the second largest sub-industry of machinery industry, the development of electrical and electrical industry in the past is mainly driven by power generation equipment manufacturing and power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing. But as the market for power generation and transmission and transformation becomes saturated, it is replaced by sectors such as optical fiber, optical fiber and power electronics, which mainly serve the intelligent manufacturing and consumer markets. In the first half of this year, the average profit margin of these industries was about 1.5 times the average profit margin of the whole industry, which became a new driving force for the growth of the industry.

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